Derek Vince

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Video Game Design at The University of Western Ontario. In addition to Computer Science, I also studied Physics at the university level for two years.

Computer Skills:

Programming and Scripting Languages: Java, C, C++, C#, Objective C, Unreal Script, Visual Basic, SPARC Assembly, Shell-Scripting, Matlab, HTML, XML, XLS.

Development tools and technologies: Unreal 3 Engine, Flash, Scaleform, QT Designer, Photoshop

Third-Party Library usage: Open GL, Open GLES, Direct X, XNA, XML-RPC (Apache), libnds (Nintendo DS), XNA


  1. Unreal 3 Engine: Extensive knowledge of the Unreal Engine through multiple games created in it. Highly experienced in writing network code, cross platform development, as well as rendering and shaders

  2. UI Programming: Main UI programmer at Bedlam Games. Experience with Unreal UI Editor, Scaleform and Flash. Able to work well with members of the Art and Design teams to turn concepts into fully functioning systems.

  3. Computer Graphics: Studied and have made use of many graphics related libraries and technologies, including OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and DirectX, and included topics including the viewing pipeline, clipping and visibility problems, picture generation and user interfaces.

  4. Physics: Studied at the university level, experienced in  in Newtonian Mechanics, electricity and magnetism, Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves, thermal physics, and optics.