Derek Vince

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Head Venturer Advisor, Scouts Canada

2005-2008 Dorchester Ontario

After 13 years in Scouting and having earned my Chief Scout’s Award, in 2005 I became the head Venturer Advisor for First Dorchester Scouting. Venturers is part of the Scouts Canada program for youth aged 15 to 18. The duties of a Venturer Advisor include: creating a new and exciting program for this challenging age group, demonstrating leadership qualities that can be taught to others, and motivating youth to become responsible members of society.

Assistant Beaver Leader, Scouts Canada

2008-2009 Dorchester Ontario

After working with youth in Venturers, I began working with children in Scouts Canada’s Beaver program, for youth aged 5-8. In this program, I was responsible for executing curriculum and was trusted with the safety of he group of 25 youth.

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